How 2 banks facilitated transfer of illegal money to criminals abroad

The expelled Jubo League leader Khaled Mahmod Bhuiya and influential contractors GK Shamim were allegedly sending illegally earned money to two pro-BNP top terrorists Jisan and Nadim living abroad. The huge amount of money were sent through two foreign banks --- Mascot Bank and a leading foreign also operating in Bangladesh, sources said.

However, Bangladesh Post could not independently verify the issue of using these two foreign banks to facilitate the two top listed criminals. Money earned by extortion, tender manipulation and casino business, were regularly sent to a top terror Jishan who is believed to be now hiding in Germany.

On behalf of Jishan, another terrorist - Nadim regularly withdrew illegal money stationed in Oman. He later used to send the money to Germany, where Jishan now lives. Ismail Hossain Somrat, president of Dhaka City (South) Jubo League and expelled Organization Secretary were sending the money to Oman for Jishan. It is also alleged that they also used their accomplices in Singapore to send the money to Jishan.

Sources said that the arrested pro-BNP contactor GK Shamim was the main person behind such illegal earning and sending money to Jishan. The construction company GK Builders was once owned by the top terror Jishan himself. After Jisan escaped from Bangladesh, Nadim took over Jishan’s illegal business. When Nadim also left the country, GK Shamim eventually took the ownership of the company.

Jishan, Nadim and Shamim were directly involved in many Jubo Dal illegal activities during the BNP-Jamaat tenure. GK Builders was awarded most of the mega-construction works during the rule of the BNP government. After Awami League (AL) had come to power, they wasted no time and quickly joined the youth wing of the ruling AL. Using the influence of the government, GK Builders began to earn huge amounts of money dominating the tender looting business.

So powerful in their endeavor that they almost achieved what they desired. It was difficult for their competitors to even drop tender documents. Somrat and Khaled interpreted in almost every business proposals and forced them to withdraw the tenders. Thus, Somrat and Khaled were getting a good amount of money from Shamim and his closed associates.

GK Builders has an unofficial branch in Singapore. Shamim, Somrat, Khaled and terror Nadim regularly met in the office for taking any important decision. Jishan also used to take part in the meeting flying in from Germany. According to the sources, Nadim is currently living in Dubai in UAE and Oman. He is controlling the underworld through his armed cadres in the capital Dhaka.

Jakir of Mogbazar TNT Colony, Sentu and Shovon of Nayatola, Nasir and Khokon of Badda area are working in Dhaka on behalf of Nadim. They are involved in extortions and ‘contact killing’ on behalf of their boss Nadim. GK Shamim used to send secret messages when he thought that he was not going to win the tenders. Getting information from Shamim, Nadim used to order his cadres to kill his rivals. After winning tender, Nadim and Jishan flew to Singapore.

Shamim, Somrat and Khaled also met Jishan and Nadim there after they went to Singapore.  They wasted huge amount of money for entertaining purposes including in the five star casino clubs. Sources said that extortion money were being regularly deposited to the Mascot Bank. Khaled and Somrat themselves sent money, sometimes, Jakir and Arman also sent money to Mascot Bank.

A few days ago, Jishan had serious disputes with Shamim, Somrat and Khaled. Following the disputes, Jishan allegedly had sent orders to kill them. As part of the plan to kill the three Jubo League leaders, Nadim assigned some cadres. They also collected huge arms including a sophisticated AK-22. But police arrested them and seized the arms. Thus the plan to kill them were foiled.