‘Haar Manbo Na’ to create awareness

Too many stars in one production! On one side there are singers and on the other there are actresses. It is a work to create awareness among the people. 

In the humanitarian effort and to create awareness in this criis created by coronavirus, Shomeswar Oli has written a new song titled ‘Har Manbo Na’. Belal Khan has made the tune. Marcel has given the music direction. 

Belal Khan, Oyshee, Marcel and Konal have voiced the song. Lutfar Hasan has recited a poem in a part of the song. And Mehr Afroz Shaon, Zakia Bari Mamo, Moutushi Biswas, Ms. Ireland Priyoti, Shajal Noor, Saif Khan and Arju have acted as models for this song.

Actors have worked for the song without any remuneration. The music video has been created by Afzal Hossain Munna. Everyone has worked on this work from their home. The song and video have been released on Belal Khan’s official YouTube channel. Belal Khan said that anyone can upload the video on their Facebook or YouTube channel to create awareness. 

About this, Belal Khan said, “One day the coronavirus will be eradicated and wiped out. The earth will again be filled with life. It’s a test so, let us pass by ourselves, and survive for people and the nature.”

Actor Shajal said, “We are going through a very bad time. The whole world has stopped. But hopefully this time will not last for long. The new sun will rise. This is why everyone has to be at home consciously to overcome the turmoil. The song contains a great message. I did the job out of my own sense of responsibility. Everyone should be aware, stay home and be careful.”