Guide to being an architecture student

Make the most of your time: School is what you make of it, so give it your best.

Ask questions: You will (most likely) never be in this type of learning environment and be surrounded by this many intellectuals again, so make the most of it.

Teach yourself: Even though you'll be learning from your teachers and fellow students, it's important to teach yourself the things that aren't always included in the curriculum. The internet is home to a beautiful, magnificent, constantly-updated treasure trove of tutorials.

Organize & catalog your research: Use My ArchDaily. In the digital age, information can be excessive and overwhelming. Taking the time to organize your research not only refines your results, but helps develop your taste and can serve as a tool in the future.

Travel: Nothing can compare to experiencing a city or building in person - and it will look good on your resume.

Read all that you can: Use your school's library to comb through journals and books. Follow your favorite site's RSS feeds.

Don’t be afraid to question your teachers: It can be tempting to gain favor with your tutors by doing everything they say, but there are many ways to approach architecture and becoming a clone of someone else isn’t always the best way. You’ll produce more interesting and individual architecture by learning from your teachers, but also questioning them occasionally. 

Persevere: Frustration will be part of your everyday life when studying architecture. Each year will test your resolve to continue in the profession, but if you love the work, keep mind of the big picture.

Be patient: Listening to an arrogant colleague or professor might be hard work, but there is always something to learn – even if it's just what not to do.

Create freely: Schools are there to open our minds. Don't let others close it. Often you will not find reasons for some architectural decisions you make. Just believe in your will. You have just five years of total experimental freedom.    —Archdaily