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Govt to sell rice at Tk 15 per KG for poor from Sept 1

Published : 14 Aug 2022 09:00 PM

The government is going to start open market sale (OMS) of rice at Tk 15 per kg from September 1 for 4 crore of poor people of 50 lakh families across the country.

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder on Sunday said in view to bring the price of rice under control in the markets that the government has taken the initiative under the Food Friendly Programme of the government.

"This programme will run simultaneously in district towns, municipalities and city areas under the Food Friendly Programme of the government," he said while talking to reporters at the Secretariat.

The Minister hoped that the price of rice in the market will come under control through this programme.

Consumers will get 30 kg of rice per month at Tk 15 per kg, he added.

He said, 'We have 2,013 dealers, each dealer will get two metric tonnes of rice per day.

The minister however said that under this programme, enlisted families would be able to purchase rice at Tk 15 per KG while anybody out of the list would also be able to purchase 5 Kg rice at Tk 15.

The Food Minister said, 'OMS program will be started on a large scale from September 1, targeting 4 crore people of 50 lakh families. This program will run simultaneously in district cities, municipalities or city areas. He also said that the government has enough stock.  The food friendly program takes place five months a year -- September to November and March and April. At least 50 lakhs families will no longer need to buy rice from the market.

The Food Minister said, now it is the juncture of two seasons. The season of Boro paddy is gone and the season of Amon is coming. 

“Due to drought in many places, there is a fear among the farmers over the Aman paddy. The cost of transportation has also increased. 

The Minister claimed that the price of rice has been increased more than the increase in the transportation cost. 

“It is clear that there are dishonest traders. We have regular monitoring committee to check illegal stock. It has been decided to strengthen it”, he added.

The Food Minister also the government is also thinking of importing more additional rice to meet up the demand.