Govt succeeds in eradicating poverty

SDG target 2030 now within reach

The government has succeeded in significantly eradicating poverty in the country. The government plans to eliminate poverty entirely by 2030 as per target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve this target, the NGOs, the civil society organizations and the private sector will have to work with the government in a coordinated manner.

The government’s success in reducing poverty has been possible in part thanks to the training programs made available to the youth population, which has made them self-sufficient.

The ease of access to agriculture loans from the banks also had a part in reducing poverty in rural areas. Microcredit must be mentioned as it has made it possible for countless rural families to leave the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient.

The ease of access to agriculture 

loans from the banks had 

a part in reducing poverty in rural areas

SME loans, especially for women, have made a huge impact in the lives of countless women, who are now able to provide for their families and live with dignity. The government’s contribution in the expansion of industries, particularly the garments industry has provided employment opportunities for many.

The government projects, including mega-projects such as Rooppur power plant and Padma bridge construction, have provided lucrative employment opportunities and are playing a significant part in development of regional and rural infrastructure.

We hope that the government continues the efforts in eradicating poverty from the country. While there has been significant improvement in the lives of the rural populations, the government must also focus on helping the urban poor come out of the cycle of poverty.

Those living in the fringes of society in the urban areas are still living in deplorable conditions and the cycle of poverty is perpetuating across generations. The government must help them become self-sufficient, provide housing and education along with healthcare in order to transform their lives and bring them out of poverty.