Govt launches hotline service for migrant workers

The government on Tuesday launched a hotline service for the migrant workers of the country for their safety and benefit. The government inaugurated the hotline at a joint programme held at Brac center in the capital. From now on the returnee and potential migrant workers will be able to get information on reintegration, referral support by dialing + 08000102030 (toll free) and + 09610102030 (Long Code), speakers said at the workshop.

IOM, in partnership with Brac, is implementing the project titled 'Bangladesh: Sustainable Reintegration and improved Migration Governance- Prottasha'.
"Prottasha" project of ministry of expatriate welfare and overseas employment, Brac migration and international organization for migration (IOM) provided the service.

Led by the government, the project is funded by the European Union (EU). The initiative will enable the returnee migrants, their families, community people, relevant stakeholders and potential migrants to avail 16 hours (7:00am - 11:00pm everyday) daily toll-free service. Speaking at the programme, Shariful Hasan, head of Brac's Migration Programme, said after implementing the project, the Brac will continue the hotline service.

He said, “Nearly 5.5 lakh Bangladeshi migrant workers were deported by different countries in the last 10 years.” He said the data was prepared based on statistics maintained by Prabashi Kalyan Desk, set at airports by Wage Earners Welfare Board, and other government agencies as accurate data on the country’s returning migrant workers are not available.

Shariful said in most cases migrant workers returned due to lack of job opportunities, physical and mental torture, physically unfit and sick, closure or bankruptcy of companies, and failure of their adaptation in a new environment. “If we want to make their reintegration sustainable in the society then we have to focus on their mental health and the skills that they have accumulated,” he said.

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