Govt instructs pry schools to use Google Meet

The government has given instructions to all primary schools to use Google Meet conferencing app to enhance learning and make up for the academic losses that occurred due to the suspension of physical classes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The instruction was included in the 13-point directive sent to all primary schools under the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) on April 29 by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

Around 30 million students at primary schools across the country will be taught online through Google Meet, according to the DPE. All the schools have been split into 3,000 clusters for this purpose. The schools with necessary ICT facilities in each cluster will be selected to hold the Google Meet classes.

Director-general of DPE, Alamgir Muhammad Mansurul Alam, said that the teachers would be provided with training on conducting classes on a cluster basis across the country. Even if one student from each school participates, it will be counted as a class. If the number of students exceeds 30, another separate class will be arranged for additional the students, he added.

All schools in urban areas will participate in the Google Meet class initiative. The classes will be conducted by teachers who possess knowledge of ICT.

Educationists, while welcoming this initiative of government, has warned that online classes can never be an alternative to physical classes in the long term as certain aspect of physical classes are nearly impossible to create through online classes.