Relief distribution gets momentum

Distribution of relief and cash incentives among the poor gets momentum as the government high-ups have activated the disaster management system which is kept in full preparedness as per the administrative standard and procedures.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s bold decision assigning bureaucrats instead of party members and leaders, to monitor and coordinate relief distribution program has brought discipline in distribution and sanction for the poor as the nation fights the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, on April 20, the government has assigned 64 secretaries to coordinate the coronavirus prevention and relief distribution at the district level.

Ignoring political consideration, they are adding people of all faiths and professions in the list, which have already started benefiting people who are in dire need of incentives and reliefs. Now, people staying at home are receiving government relief without any hassle.

Senior secretary of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief Md Shah Kamal told The Bangladesh Post that, “A list of 50 lakh families has been completed, now work is underway to compile a list of Imams and Muezzins in mosques across the country. When the list will be completes, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will start distributing Eid gifts to them”.

According to sources, it has been learned that the secretary-level officials are in charge of the district coordination to make the list of district-level relief distribution. As of the Parliament Members except a few staying at Dhaka, relief distribution among 50 lakh families is conducted without any party influence.

Although there are some allegations of mistakes and irregularities in the list, those government high officials are strictly monitoring these.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the first time in the country’s history distributed cash incentives to 50 lakh families of the country directly affected by coronavirus through mobile financial services.
At the same time, the primer also announced to provide Tk 2500 crore cash incentives to Imam and Muezzins and 7000 Kaomi Madrasa.

Sources informed that field administration officials have already completed the work of compiling a list of Imams, Muezzins, and Khatibs in mosques across the country. The Prime Minister’s Eid gift for them will start next week.

In this time of crisis, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's main goal is to alleviate the food crisis of every person in the country and to ensure that no one suffers for food.

The premier said, “My only goal is to remove the plight of the people of every area and I want to achieve that aim”.