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Govt discussing proper practices of DSA

Law minister says in Geneva

Published : 22 Mar 2023 10:57 PM

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq on Wednesday said the government remains alert to the misuse and abuse of the Digital Security Act.

"The government is discussing proper practices of the Digital Security Act, that different countries are applying. Besides, the government is consulting with civil society representatives about the law," he said during a meeting with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker in Geneva, according to a press release received in Dhaka on Wednesday. 

Permanent Representative of the UN and Bangladesh Ambassador in Geneva MdSufiur Rahman was present.

AnisulHuq informed the High Commissioner (HC) that Bangladesh is closely working with the United Nations Human Rights Council Office on the Digital Security Act. 

Anisul said, "The misuse of the Act has reduced to a great extent due to the effective initiatives taken by the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina." 

Mentioning that Bangladesh government is working to enact a data protection law, he said, "A draft 

of the proposed law has been published recently. The government is discussing with various stakeholders on the law." 

The High Commissioner highlighted various activities of his office on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and sought all out cooperation of the government.

AnisulHuq expressed his firm commitment to work together with the United Nations to protect and promote the human rights in Bangladesh. 

He also urged the United Nations to play a strong and effective role in making the efforts of repatriating the Rohingya people to their homeland Rakhine state successful.