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General Aurora said ‘India ready to help Bangladesh’

Published : 08 Dec 2022 09:42 PM

On this day in 1971, in a Kolkata press conference, General Aurora of Indian Army said they are ready for larger warfare as Indian infantry, logistics and PT-67 amphibious tanks were ready to help Bangladesh.

The allied force was conquering and advancing towards Dhaka from all four sides. On the east, a faction of freedom fighters was advancing towards Ashuganj, Daudkandi and Chandpur.

On the west, another faction of freedom fighters reached on the bank of Madhumati River. Other freedom fighters freed Kushtia and headed towards Goalanda. The final section reached near Mymensingh from Haluaghat.

Pakistani representative for the UN General Assembly Mahmud Ali returned to Pakistan and met President Yahya Khan.

In a press conference, he criticised Soviet Union’s stance. He said that the USSR should have stopped supporting India to keep the world at peace. Praising the stances of US and China, he said, “Pakistan thanks you for your historical and brave support.”

An Indian brigade attack Jamalpur in the afternoon.

A few companies of Muktibahini and another group of Indian Army joined the brigade from the left and right sides of the district after crossing the Brahmaputra River reaching the southern bank.

Later, Indian Air Force dropped several strong bombs on Pakistani bases for an hour.

Almost 600 Pakistan military men were arrested by the allied force while they retreated.

Field Marshal Manekshaw advised Pakistani soldiers to surrender weapons.

He said that the Indian troops have entered Bangladesh. “Surrender if you want to live or else you will be killed brutally,” he said.