Narrative of Duality

Gahonjatra at BSA today

Entertainment Correspondent

Padatik Natya Sangsad is going to stage its monodrama ‘Gahonjatra’ today at the Studio Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) at Shegunbagicha in the capital at 7:00pm.

The play, written by Rubaiyat Ahmed and directed by Sudip Chakraborthy, portrays rise of religious extremism and intolerance across the globe and human desire for peace and freedom. Shamchi Ara Saika is to act alone in the play.

Extremism was born in one of earth’s corners. The followers of that extremism reject all opposing doctrines and seek to establish only one doctrine. For this reason, they run destruction, bloodshed in the book, killed countless people, raped numerous women. They capture and hold people in a small community of different ideologies. Many want to escape captivity but die in the process. Only one survives, Salma, and comes back alive.

The dead bodies are to be buried in the open desert. At this point Salma finds in herself someone else's existence. That instability may be in some form of her extended form, or else she herself might be something else. That instability is her partner. After burying the dead, Salma searches for man from her prayers. She finds the man hanging by the lamppost, and the story goes on.