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Flour, egg, veg prices rocket

Published : 28 May 2022 02:16 PM | Updated : 28 May 2022 02:16 PM

Flour price has risen another notch amid rising prices of essential commodities. The new price of two kgs of packaged flour has been fixed at Tk 117 from Tk 108. Few days back the price of a two kg packet of flour was between Tk 92 and Tk 98. 

Meanwhile, prices of egg, vegetables and chicken are also climbing upward.  Visiting the capital’s different kitchen markets on Friday, such price variations were observed. 

Prices of vegetables have gone up in the market. Cucumber is being sold at Tk 70 per kg, eggplant at Tk 80, tomatoes at Tk 80, bitter gourd at Tk 70 per kg, carrot at Tk 150, gourd at Tk 60 per piece, pumpkin at Tk 40 per kg, snake gourd at Tk 60 per kg, pointed gourd at Tk 50 per kg, okra at Tk 60 per kg, papaya at Tk 50 per kg, yardlong bean at Tk 80 and peas Tk 120 per kg, green chili at Tk 140 per kg and potato (per kg) is being sold at Tk 25.    

Karwan Bazar kitchen market trader Amanullah said that as the flood situation is still prevailing vegetables supply is yet to return to its normal position. Hence, the high price is likely to continue for a few more weeks. 

Onion is still being sold at Tk 40 to Tk 45 per kg, China garlic at Tk 150 to Tk 160 per kg while local garlic at Tk 100 per kg, ginger at Tk 90, loose sugar at Tk 85 per kg, and local lentil is being sold between Tk 130 to Tk 140 per kg.   “Lentil and flour import is still stumbling due to the global unrest, no one knows when this situation will come to an end”, said a shopkeeper at the Karwan Bazar.  

A dozen of eggs is being sold at Tk  130, duck egg at Tk 160 and local chicken eggs are being sold at Tk 190. 

The price of chicken has increased in the market. Broiler chickens are being sold at Tk 170 to Tk 180 per kg, Sonali chicken between Tk 300 to Tk 310 per kg. Per kg beef is selling at Tk 700 and mutton is being sold at Tk 900 per kg.