First Razakar list with 10,789 names published

The government on Sunday published the first list of Razakars, the collaborators of the Pakistani occupation forces during the War of Liberation in 1971, containing 10,789 names. The list is now available at the website of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs -

“In the first phase, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs published the list of 10,789 Razakars reviewing the documents of the home ministry,” Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque told reporters at a press conference at his Secretariat office in the city. He said more list will be published in phases after proper scrutiny and examination.

“More names and addresses of the Razakars, Al Shams and Al Badrs in details will be uploaded to the website of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs soon,” he said “Many records of the War of Liberation were removed during the rule of BNP-Jamaat. We are also working to collect list from the record rooms of different districts, and those lists that were published from BG press during the period,” he said. No name will be published in the list without being hundred percent certain. Nobody will be enrolled unjustly, he added.

“We have published the names of those who were appointed by Pakistan government as Razakar, Al-Badr, Al-Shams or anti-liberation force following the old documents preserved in the Ministry of Home Affairs,” the minister said. “The DCs were asked to send the old documents preserved in the district offices. They were not asked to prepare the list. However, the response was not up to the expectation.”

In response to a query the minister said, “The list has no relation with taking legal actions against the Razakars. If someone makes any particular complaint then lawsuit may be filed. This list has been prepared because the nation should know who had what role during the War of Liberation.”