Farmers busy processing Boro paddy

Farmers are passing busy time cutting, threshing, sifting and boiling Boro paddy from morning till evening in most of the rural areas.

According to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), this year many uncultivated lands have come under Boro cultivation as farmers got a fair price for paddy last year. As a result, it has been possible to achieve the desired target of Boro production. 

Boro rice production has set a new record this year with a total harvesting of 2,784,508 tonnes, which is the highest ever in the country’s history. 

Besides, the yield has also increased as compared to the previous years. Last year, the national average yield of Boro paddy was 3.97 tonnes per hectare which stood at 4.29 tonnes per hectare this year.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the production of boro this year has been more than 11 lakh tonnes compared to last year. Boro rice production last year was 1.96 crore tonnes. This time the target was to produce 2.5 crore tonnes of rice in Boro.

According to the DAE, now more than 55 percent of the total rice produced annually comes from Boro cultivation. 

Asadullah, Director General of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) told Bangladesh Post, “This time the yield of Boro paddy has boosted due to the more use of high breed seeds. The production of hybrid paddy has increased this time.”

Meanwhile, the use of technology has reduced the labour crisis this year. Under the Tk 3,020 crore agricultural mechanisation project, around 50 to 60 per cent subsidy has been given to the farmers in the Haor areas.

Boro paddy has been planted in 4,683,760 hectares of land across the country this year. Last year, Boro paddy was planted in 4,754,447 hectares.