‘Farm Fresh’ starts month-long campaign to ensure unadulterated pasteurized milk

Published : 14 Nov 2019 06:59 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 05:11 AM

‘Farm Fresh’, the renowned dairy brand of Akij Food and Beverages Ltd. (AFBL) started a month-long campaign titled “Khamar theke glass e din e din ei ashe” with the promise of producing and distributing high quality pasteurized liquid milk. 

The month-long campaign started on 4th November which will inform the consumers how the best quality of pasteurized milk is processed.

While collecting milk from farmers directly, ‘Farm Fresh’ ensures quality through microbiological and adulteration tests carried out in its own laboratory. After cooling the collected milk at its own sophisticated chilling center, it is transported to its factory at a controlled temperature in tankers. It is then received at the factory after going through another quality test. The milk is marketed in a three-tier pack that is processed by a Swedish machine in the most sophisticated manner. The temperature of the pasteurized milk packets are kept at 4 degrees or below while transporting it to every store for distribution purposes. Farm Fresh has customer care management and social media management to help consumers get the best idea about their product, after it has reached them.

The campaign is not only giving consumers of Farm Fresh brand, the full picture of their processing procedure, but is also raising awareness on recognizing and identifying quality milk from the market.