Fanatics plot to create anarchy

Govt firm on erecting Bangabandhu sculpture: Capital punishment demanded

The anti-liberation forces are trying to create anarchy in the country centring the construction of sculptures of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Backed by anti-liberation forces Jamat-e-Islam, Hefajat-e-Islam along with various other fundamentalist groups are plotting to make the country unstable in different ways. 

They are issuing threats saying that no sculptures will be allowed to be built and if it is done, all the sculptures will be dragged down and smashed into pieces.

These inimical forces were dead against the independence of the country and collaborated with the hordes of the Pakistan Army to frustrate the Liberation War.

Since the last two months, fundamental organisations like Hefajat-e-Islam and its different allies have been holding rallies and taking out processions against the government move to construct the sculpture of Bangabandhu at Dholaipar in the city of Dhaka.

In last October, several Islamist groups launched protest in Dhaka against the construction of the sculpture. At a function in Dhaka on November 13, MoulanaMamunulHaque, a joint secretary of Hefajat-e-Islam and also the secretary general of the Khilafat-e-Majlis at first raised protest against the construction of the sculpture of the Bangabandhu.

He warned the government as saying that another incident like the one atShaplaChattar would take place if the government does not withdraw the plan of the construction of the sculpture.

Following MamunulHaque, many other fundamentalist leaders also started speaking against the sculptures and they were trying to create anarchy with their provocative speeches at different public meetings and religious programmes.

Besides, several Islamist groups, including Hefazat-e-Islam, took out a procession from the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque last Friday. Police, however, resorted to charge baton to disperse the procession.

Earlier on Thursday, Nur Hosain Quashemi, the Secretary General of Hefazat-e-Islam at a meeting held in capital Dhaka said they would not allow construction of any sculpture. He also warned of a severe movement against the government.   

In 2017, a sculpture of a Greek goddess was erected on the premises of the Supreme Court in Dhaka in the face of the demand of several Islamist groups, including Hefazat-e-Islam. Earlier, the government had also removed the Lalon sculpture from the entrance of Hazrat Shahjalal (Rah.) International Airport.

However, the ruling Awami League, its different associate bodies, including Bangladesh Chhatra League and Jubo League, and many other pro-liberation organisations are also found to be active in favour of the construction of sculptures, including that of Bangabandhu. They are also holding rallies, bringing processions and raising campaigns in favour of it. They are also demanding arrest and punishment to those who are trying to create anarchy in the name of Islam and opposing the construction of the sculpture of Bangabandhu.

Talking about the issue, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said fabricated interpretation centring Bangabandhu's sculpture has appeared to be a challenge to the spirit of the Liberation War and the culture of the country. 

“A religious fundamentalist group is trying to spread hatred among the religious people by misinterpreting Islam and the construction of sculpture of Bangabandhu,” said Obaidul Quader.

He further said that any statement and attempt against the Liberation War, its spirit, the Constitution and against the state will not be tolerated.

Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif said those who are threatening to raise movement further like the one at Shapla Chattar should be ashamed. 

“They should remember that they had rolled their tails and fled the scene. None of their threats will work… The sculpture of Bangabandhu will be established. No force has the power to stop it,” he added.

Several groups of people have demanded capital punishment for those who are opposing the construction of the sculptures of Bangabandhu.