Families of deceased govt staff to get faster compensation services

From now on, if any government employee dies or gets injured, their compensation will be provided through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) which was provided though cheque before.

It was learned that, when a civil servant dies while serving, his family members receive a financial grant of Taka eight lakh and if someone gets permanent disabilities his family members get Taka four lakh.

There are often endless suffering while trying to withdraw the grant money, largely due to bureaucratic tangles. To get the financial grant, the concerned family often have to travel to long distances to meet district officials several times to deal with the claims. Most of the time, they are unable to get their desire cheque. According to the Public Administration Ministry (PAM) information, during the 2019-20 fiscal year, such 45 cheques have been refunded from different districts to PAM.

To reduce such harassment and ensure transparency and accountability, the concerned ministry is going to take initiative to introduce EFT. From now, if any deceased or wounded family's application is accepted, their financial grant will be transferred to their respective accounts rather than issuing cheques to be collected.

PAM recently has sent such kind of proposal to the Finance Department for approval. On condition of anonymity a PAM official said, once the proposal is approved, it will reduce the harassment of employees. Respective deceased or wounded family members will not have to depend on the mercy of the concerned officials to collect the money.

The letter that was sent to the Finance Department on September 9, mentions that if such an application is submitted, the PAM welfare department verifies such an application. If the financial grant committee accepts the application, a cheque is then issued in favor of the respective families. But it’s a long process for the deceased or wounded families to get a cheque.

The existing procedure is very lengthy, time-consuming and expensive. During the last five fiscals, through the existing procedure, Tk 10.89 crores provided to victims’ families. 

As a result, service receivers harassment is increasing and granting the financial grant process is also becoming lengthy. However, the new proposal is aiming to reduce such harassment, create transparency in the government works and finally reach the government services to people doorstep faster.