FA Sumon’s latest track released

FA Sumon has gained a different kind of popularity among the Bengali music lovers of the country and abroad by singing songs of a slightly different genre. 

This time too, he has picked up a slightly different conventional stle of song. The name of his song is ‘Keno Amar Maron Ashena’. The song is written, composed by Shoaib Chowdhury and arranged by Rana Akando. Meanwhile, the recording of the song has been completed at the Crown Music’s own studio in Niketan, Dhaka. 

Regarding the song, FA Sumon said, “It is a very beautiful song. The song was written by my very close senior brother. It is an extraordinary lyric poem. He composed the song himself. The arrangement of the song has also been excellent. I am very optimistic about the song myself.”

It is learned that the song will be released on Crown Music’s YouTube channel soon. A few days ago, he started his own YouTube channel on YouTube. 

A few years ago, FA Sumon’s popular song ‘Janre Tui’ was enjoyed by 70 million viewers. But later the song was uploaded anew on G-Series YouTube channel. The song has already been enjoyed by 12 million viewers. 

FA Sumon has about 14/15 songs in one crore, two crore houses. There is a song in three crore houses. That is the ‘sleeping friend’. A few days ago, the song crossed three crore houses. 

The song is written by Sohag Waliullah, composed by Arif Hossain and arranged by Anu Mostafiz. The video was made by Saddam Hussein Saad. 

Palash Khan and Jannat were the models. FA Sumon is one of the top two musicians of this generation in Bangladesh whose songs have crossed the first crore mark.