Evaly’s Rassel planned filing for bankruptcy: RAB

Published : 17 Sep 2021 03:00 PM | Updated : 17 Sep 2021 05:48 PM

Evaly Managing Director and CEO Mohammad Rassel, who is in RAB custody, had plan to file for bankruptcy in case of any failure in paying back the money his ecommerce company owes to customers and merchants, the elite force said.

RAB legal and media wing Director Khandker Al Moin told a press briefing on Friday that Rassel admitted during interrogation that his company owes around Tk 1,000 crore though the figure was Tk 403 crore in February.

Moin said Rassel could not give any ‘satisfactory’ reply on how he would clear the dues.

The elite force arrested Rassel and his wife Shamima Nasrin, who is the chairman of the company, from their Mohammadpur residence in a raid on Thursday afternoon.

Their arrest came hours after a customer filed a case with the Gulshan police charging them with embezzling money he and his friends paid to the company for purchasing products under different sale campaigns.