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Establishing the Aloe Industry:

The first products from Forever Living delivered all the natural goodness Aloe Vera, a renowned "botanical that had been used in traditional medicine throughout the world. There were a handful of aloe products available at the time, but their quality and potency were not guaranteed. After comprehensive research on the aloe plant, Rex knew that Aloe Vera could deliver the health solution so many were searching for.

Forever Living's aloe products quickly established themselves as the industry leader, being first to receive the International Aloe Science Council's seal of approval. And they continue to lead the industry today. “We really created the aloe industry, which today is enormous,” explains President Gregg Maughan.

 “And we've maintained our position at the forefront of aloe-based nutrition with the development of numerous premium quality aloe products.”

Just as important, stresses Chris Hardy, Executive VP and General Manager of Aloe Vera of America, is that Forever Living's aloe products are guaranteed for the highest potency and quality, with a unique system of product creation called "Plant to Product to You." This means we control and assess our product quality every step of the way," says Chris, "As a result, our customers have the highest confidence that our products deliver real and lasting benefits."