Eid impacts kitchen markets

Most of the capital’s kitchen markets are idle with the presence of only a scant number of buyers. Due to the Eid holidays, demand and supply of daily essentials and other commodities are less than on usual days. Eid holidays have also impacted product prices with egg and meat suddenly going high while fish and almost every vegetable prices dropping. The wholesale market is yet to get back its old face. Kitchen market traders say, it will take two to three more days to get the busy working hours, as most of the city dwellers are yet to return. The scenario was revealed in the capital’s Karwan Bazar, Rampura and Malibagh kitchen markets. On visits to kitchen markets, it was found prices of daily necessities that had increased rapidly are now down to a certain level. Based on market and quality, almost all vegetables are now available between Tk 30-40, while brinjal and gourd are a bit high. Brinjal was selling at Tk 60 per kilogram (kg), potato Tk 20 per kg, multitude Tk 30, papaya Tk 40, cucumber Tk 30, carrot Tk 40, tomato Tk 40, bitter gourd Tk 40, okra Tk 40, gourd Tk 50-60, snake gourd Tk 30, and 40-50 per kg. Per kg local onion was also selling at Tk 30 like in the previous week, while imported onion, based on quality was Tk 20-24. Garlic and ginger prices were Tk 130 per kg. Broiler chicken was also found selling like in the past week at Tk 140-150 per kg, red layer chicken Tk 225-230, Pakistani chicken Tk 240-250 per kg, and local chicken Tk 450-500. But meat price suddenly went up with beef selling at Tk 650 which was Tk 525 past week, boulder beef was Tk 500 per kg, buffalo meat was Tk 480. On the other hand, mutton price remained as usual at Tk 750. Per dozen eggs were selling at Tk 100 which was Tk 75-80 just a few days back. In the fish market, hilsa fish was found selling at Tk 1500-3000 (large size), katla and rohu Tk 300 per kg, awn Tk 550, tilapia Tk 160, boal Tk 700, pangas Tk 200, pabda Tk 700, and stinging catfish, Tk 800.