Eid home goers facing delays

Highways with traffic congestion and schedule crisis of trains

As thousands of people are leaving the capital for their home districts via bus, train and launch, the impact of overcrowding on the highways turns the happy occasion of Eid with family towards the south. Pressure has increased on the Dhaka-Tangail and Dhaka-Bangabandhu bridges on the Western Connection Highway. Vehicles are moving slowly. Meanwhile, there are huge crowds of people formed up at the water routes of Paturia-Daulatdia and Kanthalbari-Shimulia. Thousands of vehicles are waiting for the crossings. 

On the other hand, the trains are suffering from crisis of schedules. Each train is being delayed by 5 to 10 hours. Travelers arriving with family members are becoming sufferers of this. Meanwhile, the Railway Secretary said that the trains would run through the schedule crisis. However, the passengers can return their tickets and take back the money if they want to.

Vehicles are stopped at a distance of about 60 km from Bangabandhu Bridge to Mirzapur on Dhaka-Tangail highway. As a result, it takes a long time to reach a certain destination. Vehicles are moving slowly across 22-km area on the northbound road from Golchttar to Hatikumrul on the Bangabandhu Bridge Western Connection Highway in Sirajganj. However, the district and highway police are working to control the situation.

On the other hand, There are huge crowds formed up at the Paturia-Daulatdia water way. There are 18n big and small ferries and 22 launches operating on the route. Due to the heavy currents in Padma, the ferry and launch crossings are taking twice as long. Meanwhile, in Shimulia-Kanthalbari water way too, the crowd of people moving towards their home is constant. There are 17 ferries, 88 launches and over 4 hundred speedboats operating on the route to the people and vehicles across.

In case of trains, even if people want to spend a happy Eid with their families thousands of people have become sufferers to crisis of train schedule. Some passengers have spoken out and said, “They are not telling us the right time. We are suffering a lot standing here.” Kamalapur station manager Aminul Islam blamed the train derailment at the station prior to Bangabandhu bridge on Friday to be an incident caused by the schedule crisis.

He said that all the trains scheduled in West Bengal are being disrupted as the Sundarban Express derailed before the Bangabandhu Bridge. Each train is arriving after being delayed for six to eight hours. Rail authorities have advised passengers to come to the station only after confirming the time of departure.