Efficient management speeds dengue cure

Dengue infection in the country is well under control with infection rates declining in the last few days. Efficient management and hospitalization without delay has decreased the number of dengue cases, according to the directorate of health services (DGHS). The majority of the patients are immediately attended to as medical caregivers are now on emergency duty without Eid vacation.

Although the infection has crossed well over 36,000 with 18,207 infected alone so far this month, the rate of recovery has also been satisfactory as many more are cured and going back home. Every day on an average about 2000 people are being admitted to hospitals with dengue infection. Hospital sources said that a majority of the new admissions are recovering faster and being sent home.

It is reported that the mosquito-borne viral disease is spreading across other smaller municipal areas in districts, but with efficient management and timely guide book on Dengue Treatment Protocols, fatalities are minimum. During the period of the previous 24 hours, 690 people were reported to have been hospitalized with confirmed dengue virus. A total of 29 people officially have died from the infection.

The spread of the virus through the Aedes mosquitoes is well evidenced in the official figures however, unofficially, the figures are much higher. The unofficial death has reached over 70 while the infection rate has crossed 50,000 across the country. Despite such an increase in cases, the health ministry said that due to precautions in advance and a huge supply of medicines, including saline and dengue testing facilities people no longer suffer.

Dr Shahana Parveen, a medical officer in Khulna said, “We have a sufficient supply of the necessary medicines for the treatment of dengue infection. If people arrive on time, and their infections detected early, we can also cure them without any hassle.” Meanwhile, public and private hospitals continue to treat dengue patients as there is no shortage of manpower in hospitals. The health ministry earlier canceled all holidays ahead of the Eid festival.

Such a move has greatly helped patients get prompt treatment on arrival at the hospitals. “We are working in three 8-hour shifts every day to ensure attending every single patient,” said Dr Shohag Ahmed, a medical officer at Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. Most patients who are infected are getting proper and timely care which is why fatalities from dengue are less. The timely efforts of the government have also educated people who are now alert, and hence seek treatment instead of delaying.

Professor Abul Kalam Azad, Director General of Health Services said, “This year we may have seen more infection, but the rate of death comparatively is far less than expected. Only 29 people have died so far, which means people are conscious and seeking hospitalization which we publish to the media.”