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dust inflicts untold sufferings for Jurain people

Published : 21 Oct 2019 09:09 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:09 PM

People residing in Jurain area in the capital are exposed to nightmarish experiences as they have been facing environmental hazards for long due to huge dust formed from the construction work of the Padma Bridge link roads. Shopkeepers, traders, buyers, pedestrians, and residents of Jurain, Postogola, Shyampur and adjacent areas are being exposed to the shocks of serious health risks for the environmental problem.

“We cannot inhale a single breath without thick dust in air. The endless dust polluted air here seriously,” said, Noman Ahmed, a shopkeeper of Bikrampur Plaza market in Jurain. He said that they are bound to stay in the area as their shops are there. Noman and other traders of the market urged the city corporations to spray water regularly to the area to save the people from environmental hazards of dust.

Junaid Hossain, a resident of Postogola, said, they are living with polluted air with thick dust which creates acute suffering for them. “Our houses are becoming dirty every day, our clothes and belongings are also becoming dirty hours after washing those. Our children and elderly persons are facing health risks. But we cannot get rid of the dust,” he said.

Junaid, said, in rainy days they have to suffer from huge mud, created from the construction work. After the rain all those mud is transformed into dust, polluting air. Similarly, public transport workers also stated their bitter experiences about thick dust of the area. They expressed anxiety over the health risks as they have been staying in the area under such risky environment for a long time.

Ecologist Mushfiq Hassain said, there are huge health risks in dust. According to health science and several research works, air polluted with dust creates risks of athsma and even cancer. Dr. MA Matin, a member of Doctors for Health and Environment said, the city corporations have their responsibility to ensure safe and dust-free air spraying water regularly. The court also directed the two city corporations to spray water in the city regularly.

 But the corporations have failed to perform their duty in this regard. While trying to contact, Mostafizur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of Dhaka South City Corporation, did not receive phone calls.