Dope gangs change tactics

Dope gangs operating in the city have changed their old tactics. Nowadays, they do not snatch the valuables from the victims after making them senseless by sedative medicine. Instead, they call the family members of the victims over the phone of the victim themselves. They inform that they victims have been admitted into hospitals with critical conditions. They told their family members to send money for emergency treatment. After getting money, they switch off the phone numbers.

While addressing at a press conference at Dhaka Metropolitan Police Media Centre in the city, Joint Commissioner Mahbubul Alam made these remarks. He said,”65 members of the gangs were arrested from different parts of the capital.” Getting secret information, four teams of DB in their separate drives arrested them from city’s Uttara, New Market, Gulistan,Kuril Biswaroad, Fakirapul, Joykali Mandhir areas on Friday night.

During a primary interrogation, the dope party members disclosed that they first make relations targeting victims at different shopping malls, bus terminals and railway stations. At one stage, they invite the targeted persons to drink or eat sedative medicine mixed foods. They also take the foods to convince the targeted persons. However, these foods are free from all sedatives items.

When the victims become senseless, the other members of the dope party snatched all the valuables items from the victim. JC Mahbub urged city dwellers not to take food from any unknown persons. Responding to a question, he said, “Those who were arrested on Friday night, where several times arrested earlier. But after getting bail, they involve in the same crime again.’’

In most of the cases, police have to file case as the victims do not want to file case. As a result, the accused easily get bail and are acquitted from the cases.
Responding to a question, he said, “After releasing from jail, they change their technique.” The arrested were produced before court seeking seven days remand for each.