DMP to announce Tenants’ Info Week

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md Asaduzzaman Miah on Tuesday disclosed his plan to announce ‘Tenants’ Information Week’, aimed at creating awareness among house owners and tenants about providing necessary information on citizens living in the capital.
DMP is trying to include all updated information in its Citizen Information Management System (CIMS) software. The aim of developing this software is to gather necessary information very quickly whenever police needs.

DMP formally launched the CIMS after the deadly militant attack on Holey Artisan café in 2016 to store information about the city dwellers.
DMP boss Asaduzzaman Mia inaugurated the system on September 1 that year. DMP officials said full implementation of the database system will help make the city safer for its dwellers.

Every tenant is given a unique number and information is updated whenever he or she shifts residence to another place within the capital.
No wrongdoer can escape as the CIMS will be effective to identify offenders and help prevent crime. A Senior Assistant Commissioner of Ramna Division of DMP exclusively talked to the Bangladesh Post after the crime conference. However, he wished not to be named as he is not entitled to talk to media.

He said that the DMP Commissioner informed the meeting that DMP is going to announce ‘Tenants Information Week’ within a few days.
The announcement of tenants’ information week is aimed at ensuring preserving data about all the city dwellers. Police will go to every house in the city to collect information of the tenants in the city. Local police will also be instructed to hold regular yard meetings with city dwellers to encourage them provide information about the tenants to police to include it in DMP’s database.

Some police officers admitted that they were not updating the database due to a non-cooperation from the house owners and tenants.
DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia recently claimed that details about eight million people living in Dhaka have already been compiled in CMS database.

But its ability to verify the said data, conduct routine updates, and fight fake IDs remained a key challenge, experts opined. The DMP commissioner praised all members of the DMP for successfully foiling the reported plans of militant attacks in the capital during the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, according to sources.

However, he warned that police must always remain alert so that militant organizations cannot carry out any militant attacks in future.
The DMP boss was quoted as saying that there was a serious threat of terror attacks during Eid. But due to the coordinated efforts of all law enforcing agencies of the country, the plan of the terrorists has been successfully foiled. But it does not mean that the terror threats do not exist.

According to the conscious citizens, all the factors which facilitate militancy, still remain present in the country. Militancy is like allergy. When measure taken, it goes. But it comes back again whenever it gets a chance. But it remains to be said that the Sheikh Hasina led government has taken a zero tolerance policy against militancy. The government also significantly engaged all walks of people to resist militancy by creating massive awareness programme.

Shaikh Nazmul Alam, Joint Commissioner (Crime) of DMP said, “In the crime conference, DMP commissioner sir instructed all units of police, especially the crime divisions, to stop any public harassment in the police stations.” The head of DMP also has given some necessary orders on the issue of robberies, snatching and murder. He ordered to complete investigation of the sensational murder cases as soon as possible.