Dilapidates condition at Panchabati of Dhaka-Munshiganj old road

Masumuzzaman, Narayanganj

The busy and important road that links the capital with Munshiganj district via Narayanganj is in a deplorable condition since last year. The condition of the road is dreadful near BSCIC industrial area to the south of Panchabati area under Fatulla police station, where accidents are occurring frequently due to cracks and holes in the road.

Commuters have been suffering seriously as speedy and small transports like taxicab and CNG run auto rickshaws are not operating on the road.  Battery run three whalers are running instead which cause more problems for the commuters.

The sufferers accused that the overloaded cement carrying trucks are damaging the road denying the law.

Patients who need to rush to the Capital in ambulance has to use alternative roads, which wastes a lot of time.

This road has not been repaired in a long time. After rainfall, the road gets covered in knee deep water. People need almost six hours to reach Dhaka from Munshiganj.

After completion of Muktarpur bridge on Dhaleshwari river under Munshiganj district this road became very busy and all kind of passenger transport started running on this road.

Everyday people of Munshiganj and Narayanganj district travel to the Capital using this road. However, the road has become a fatal trap now.

Traffic congestion is also created at Pagla-Munshikhola area on this road due to haphazardly parked old trucks. Officer in Charge, Fatulla model police station Aslam Hossain said that if theses trucks were moved from Pagla area, people could move easily.

In the last year, namely repair works were done in this road by putting bricks into the cracks which caused more problems for the vehicles.

There are five small bridges in this road from Panchabati area under Fatulla thana of Narayanganj to Muktarpur area under Munshiganj district.These bridges collapses down often due to over loaded transport.

Traffic Inspector of Narayanganj Abdus Sattar said, “We have nothing to do as the road is under Department of Roads and Hsighway. We have to face problems when an over-loaded transport plunges into the holes and creates traffic congestion.

A resident of Dewanbari area beside Dhaka-Munshiganj road Foysal Ahmed said that the cement trucks caries 20-30 metric tons of cement, which causes damage to the road.

A sub-inspector of Fatulla model thana Nahid Sumon said that they have to waste their time to clear the traffic jam during their duty in this road at night. He added that most of the transport are plied with heavy load at night.

No one received the call made by the correspondent at the Roads and Highway office while trying to contact them.