Dhaka to be freed from water-logging in 2 yrs

The capital city Dhaka will be freed from severe water-logging within two years by improving drainage system, cleaning up pipe, drains, canals, setting up temporary and permanent water pumps, sources said. In this regard, the government has taken various projects and initiatives to address the city’s water-logging problem through different projects.

Earlier on May 22 last year, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the projects “Extension of Dhaka City Drainage Network and Development of Canals Project’ involving Tk 550.50 crore. Under the project, Dhaka WASA has been implementing the Extension of Dhaka City Drainage Network and Development of Canals Project. The project is expected to be completed by December 2020.

According to WASA, the work of cleaning about 300 kilometer storm pipe drain is underway. Besides, the four permanent and 15 temporary water pumps will be used to remove water during heavy rain. They also have been excavating 30 kilometers of 17 canals to address the water-logging by next year involving Tk 607.16 crore. This project is also set to complete by next year.

The purpose of this project to remove water-logging at Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Darus Salam, Mirpur, Pallabi, Cantonment, Uttara, Airport areas under Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhanmondi, Shankar, Zigatala and Rayerbazar areas under DSCC. Besides, the surroundings of the existing canals in project areas will be improved through building embankments and walkways after re-excavating and expanding the water bodies.

The main operations of the project include some 30.562 acres of land acquisition- 4.355 acres for Hazaribagh canal, 6.385 acres for Baishteki and Journalists’ colony canal, 4.613 acres for Kurmitola canal, 1.905 acres for Begunbari canal, 13.304 acres for Manda canal and compensation to the establishments, construction of 0.15 kilometer road crossing culverts, 13.50 kilometre canal excavation, and erection of some 2,200 pillars.

The project also includes construction of 1.10km U-type channel, 1.27km retaining wall, road and crossing and acquisition of 0.3 acres of land.. About the progress of the work, Dhaka WASA Director (Technical) AKM Shahid Uddin said, “We are working to address the waterlogging problem in the capital. As per our capacity, we are working with coordination. I think there is no lack of coordination in our development work. The water-logging will be reduced in a great extent if the work is completed.”

He also expressed his hope to reduce water-logging by next year and remove water-logging from Dhaka city by two years. Apart from WASA’s project, two city corporations are also improving their drainage system through setting up new surface drains. To address waterlogging, Dhaka South City Corporation (DNCC) has been working to construct 1,188 meter bypass pipe drain from Kalshi to Baunia canal involving Tk 5.5 crore.

Besides, DSCC has recommended to Dhaka WASA cleaning some 51 Sluice Gate of Water Development Board in order to remove water-logging in DSCC area. They also proposed setting up water pumps in water-logging prone areas. According to experts, poor drainage system is largely responsible for water-logging in Dhaka city. They suggested to improve drainage system as well as recovering canals and water bodies around Dhaka city to get rid of inundation.