Dhaka South City announces 6119 crore budget

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has announced a budget of Tk 6,119 crore59 lakh for the current fiscal year 2020-21.

The budget was announced by DSCC Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh at a press conference at Dhaka South City Corporation Nagar Bhaban on Thursday. This is the highest budget announcement of the institution since its inception.

Claiming that the budget was announced with emphasis on the development of the capital, Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh said, “We are planning to spend money in at least 18 development sectors in the new financial year. In the budget for the financial year 2020-21, the total revenue income has been estimated at Tk1009 crore 2 lakh, other income at Tk7 crore 70 lakh, income from government and foreign sources at Tk4916 crore 57 lakh. The initial status has been set at Tk 186 crore 30 lakh.”

He added, “The budget has included operating expenses of Tk 457crore 23 lakh, other expenditures of Tk 2 crore, total development expenditure of Tk 5,505crore 84 lakh and closing costs of Tk 154crore 52 lakh.”

The mayor said, “In the last financial year (2019-20), Dhaka South City Corporation announced a budget of Tk 3,631crore 40 lakh. But later the revised budget stood at around two and a half thousand croretake.”

The budget announcement ceremony was attended by, among others, the corporation's chief executive officer Shah ImdadulHaque and senior DSCC officials.