Dhaka green area shrinks to 7pc; waterbodies to 2.9pc: BIP

Published : 03 Jun 2023 09:50 PM

In the last 28 years, green space in the capital has shrunk to 7% while waterbodies occupy as low as 2.9% of the city.

Currently, central Dhaka has only 29.85 sq km of vegetation or free space which was around 52.48 sq km in 1995. On the other hand, wetland areas have decreased significantly to stand at only 4.28 sq km compared to 30.24 sq km in 1995.

In an ideal situation, a city should have 15% green space and at least 10-12% wetland.

The information was presented in a round table discussion and publication of a research report titled "28 Years of Reservoir and greenery destruction in The Capital: Reality and Salvation Roadmap" on the occasion of World Environment Day organised.

Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP) organised the event at the BIP Auditorium in the capital's Banglamotor on Saturday morning.

BIP General Secretary Planner Sheikh Muhammad Mehdi Ahsan presented the keynote speech on the occasion.

According to the report, attempts to set up new clubs, markets and bazaars are eating up the space previously designated as parks and playgrounds. Besides, the concrete-covered area has increased in accordance with the latest development plans chalked out for parks.

Meanwhile, development works in Dhaka frequently result in erecting residential or commercial buildings by filling the wetlands.

The institute also noted that the existing land ownership in Dhaka is mostly private and despite approved guidelines for conservation of specific land areas, it is not being followed here.