Dengue incidents on the rise

Even before the advent of the rainy season in full swing, number of dengue-affected patients are on the rise in the capital city. According to sources, in last two days, about 90 dengue patients have been admitted to different city hospitals. In the first week of June, around seven persons in the capital were affected daily by aedes mosquito-borne dengue virus.

Experts said this year, dengue season has already started in the country. At present, the overall environment of the country is favourable for spreading the disease. One must be careful to remain safe from the attack of the virus. According to sources from Health Emergency Operations Centre and Control Room under the Health Directorate, from January 1 to June 20 of the current year, a number of 707 dengue patients have been admitted to different hospital across the country. Out of them, 440 patients got admitted in June only. Among them, two died.

In the last year, out of 9,228 dengue-affected patients, 24 died. To contain the disease, since 2017, three annual survey is being conducted in Dhaka North and South city corporations under the supervision of Prof Dr Sania Tahmina, director (diseases control) of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). Dr Saniya told the media on Saturday, “Already a dengue detection kit has been distributed among the public hospitals in the capital.

Director of Diseases Control section of Health Directorate Health Directorate conducted a survey last month under the Malaria and Aedes-borne Disease Control Program. The survey, conducted in both city corporations of Dhaka, found the appearance of aedes mosquito’s larva in danger level in some areas including Narinda, Motijheel, and Gulshan. It means,

Dwellers of those areas aree more risk-prone to get get infected with dengue and chikungunya viruses. The survey was conducted in 100 places of 97 wards of the capital city. A number of 998 homes were inspected in the survey. Dr AKM Shamsuzzaman, microbiology department chief of Mugda Medical College and Hospital in Dhaka, told the Bangladesh Post: “Body temperature rises abruptly to 104 degree Fahrenheit or more. But in case of youths and children, symptoms of dengue is rarely exposed. At times, there is almost no symptom. Some common symptoms of dengue disease are chronic headache, severe pain in eyes, bone, bone-joints and muscles, and vomiting tendency.”

“Sufficient quantity of healthy food intake and drinking huge amount of water are main the remedies to the disease. Generally, it takes one or one and a half weeks to get cured from the disease,” the specialist said. He warned that in some cases, the disease might turn deadly. “The symptoms of dengue shock syndrome are difficulties in breathing and decline of body temperature, continuous uncomfortable feeling, creation of red marks on skin, severe belly ache and secretion of blood in urine or stool,” the doctor said, adding once these symptoms are found with any patient, he or she should be immediately rushed to the hospital.