Deepika Padukone left with sprained back

Trying to be productive under quarantine has left Deepika Padukone with a sprained back. The actress in a recent interview revealed that she hurt her back while cleaning her house.

Deepika, who has been treating fans to photos of herself keeping busy with household chores, blamed boredom for the little mishap. However, the injury didn’t seem to confine her to the bed. The actress revealed that she was back to keep herself occupied, much to the disapproval of her hubby Ranveer Singh, who she said ordered her to stay in bed.

Deepika revealed that Ranveer even made a surprise inspection to check if she was in bed, and instead found her cleaning the house again. Apart from cleaning, Deepika has been putting her culinary skills to the test and cooking up a range of exciting cuisines for her hubby to devour.    —TOI