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Daycare centre to be set up for govt employees’ special children

Published : 18 Sep 2021 10:09 PM | Updated : 19 Sep 2021 12:24 AM

Daycare centers will be set up in Dhaka for the children with special needs of government employees. Government employees have been asked to provide information about their children with disabilities by September 30.

A letter was sent to the secretaries of various ministries and departments on September 14 seeking the information.

According to the letter signed by Director General (Secretary) of Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board Nahid Rashid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited the Ministry of Public Administration on January 17, 2019. During that time, she directed to present a specific proposal for the rehabilitation of the children with special needs of government employees.

Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board Director General told the Bangladesh Post works are in progress in this regard.

“It will be implemented soon but we cannot disclose any specific date at this moment. It might take around two to three months. Primarily we have asked the ministries and all the departments and institutions under different ministries concerned to submit information regarding their children with special needs,” she said.

It has been also decided to conduct a survey for the children with special needs of all government officials and staff in Dhaka.

Initially, plans have been made to to set up a daycare center for these children in Dhaka. The letter requested the secretaries to fill up the form at the website of the ministry by the employees concerned and send it to the e-mail ( of Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board by September 30.