Cumilla magistrate recover from corona

Cumilla Correspondent

Covid-19 pandemic has infected millions of people in the country, thousands of lives have been lost. Many families have become numb with tears in their eyes as they say goodbye to their loved ones right in front of their eyes. 

Md. Abu Saeed, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate, Cumilla Deputy Commissioner's Office (JM) Branch, is one of those who have taken the helm as one of the frontline fighters in the country amid the crisis and is relentlessly working hard to save the lives of the common man.

Mr. Md. Saeed, who has just recovered from corona, was contacted on his mobile phone. Expressing his feelings from the time he was infected with the corona until he recovered, he said that at first, he had a mild fever on 12th June. The next day his body temperature increased due to fever and on 15th June, he provided his samples for corona test. 

In response to a question, he said that he was very tensed till the report came. However, he was not so scared because he was mentally prepared, he assumed that he could be infected with the coronavirus. On Saturday, June 19, his corona test report came positive. Asked what kind of treatment he had used, he said morale treatment was the main cure for the disease. 

Since no effective cure for the coronavirus has yet been discovered in the world, he emphasised the need to increase the body’s resistance to disease. 

Every morning he would drink a mixture of lemon juice, black cumin, ginger, garlic in warm water and gargle with it. He used to inhale hot water through his nose, get regular exercise and at least 30 minutes of sunlight to meet his vitamin D needs.

Coming to the end, he said, if you lose your morale or get scared, you will not be able to win the battle with corona. With the love, prayers and endless mercy of the Cumilla people, he has recovered from the coronavirus. His life is dedicated to providing security to the common man. He wants to do more in the future by trivialising the corona fear for the common man. He also thanked the Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner Abul Fazal Mir who directly inquired about his illness.