Criminals being brought to book: HM

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Kamal on Monday said those who are criminals are being brought to book. He made this remark while talking to a group of journalists at his secretariat office in the capital. The home boss said, “We don’t know any godfather or grandfather, we know only criminals.” He said, “Information of some illegal businesses and tender manipulations came to us. Law enforcing agencies are working for arresting those who are involved in these crimes.”

It is not our concerned of their position, our concerned is how much crime they have committed, he continued. It may be politician, whoever they are, we are bringing them under law. Those who commit crimes, are criminals in the eyes of our law. They will be brought under law, he further said. There is nothing name godfather or grandfather to us. We know criminals. We must bring the criminals whoever they are, he added.

Responding to a question of issuing red alerts, the home minister said, “ There is no such a situation to issue red alerts in the airport.” We have always a list. This is why criminal can never leave the country using the airport, he said.