Covid-19 cases reach 1,195 with 33 new infected in Narayanganj

Maumuzzaman, Narayanganj

Just after a day the Corona infection rate increased and it reached one thousand one hundred and ninety five COVID-19 patients in Narayanganj.

The recovered rates from COVID-19 are also raised in last 24 hours than the previous days.

In last 24 hours died a COVID-19 patient , recovered 27 and newly infected 33, district heath department revealed the information.

On May 8 Corona infected patients were 6, recovering rate was unchanged whereas died 1 that is why the concern authority of the health department hoped the infection rate was going down but today’s figure eliminated their expectation.

The inhabitance of Narayanganj fail into anxious on decision of opening the market as the huge crowd would be staged at the essential commodities market such as Nitaiganj, Tanbazar , Digu Babur bazaar at Bangabondhu road that is the main street of the city.

A section of people boldly saying that essential commodities market should be open otherwise food goods price will hiked day by day. In this situation if the markets of rice, flour, edible oil and others remain locked the peoples have to suffer a plenty as those markets are wholesalers. With this lame excuse the rural grocers will take high price from the purchasers if the wholesalers keep under lockdown.

Another quarter of peoples expressing their assumption with some strategy saying that after opening the markets the infections rate might be increased rapidly and the administration will not capable to handle the mass gathering.

Meanwhile the superintendent of police Jayedul Alam immediately warned the people of Narayanganj, though the markets are going on opening but using this facility nobody will exit the district.

The worried section peoples remembering the different branding on Narayanganj from the health department such as Corona epic centre, red zone, hotspot and cluster.