Corrupt govt officials next

The ongoing anti-corruption drive may not spare the section of corrupt bureaucrats. They are widely expected to be brought to book very soon. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), different ministries and intelligence agencies have already submitted separate lists containing the names of government officials and employees who are involved in corruption and irregularities to the Public Administration Ministry (PAM), an official of PAM told Bangladesh Post on Friday.

Moreover, the PAM has also prepared a report about the activities of the bureaucrats, and other employees in the last two years. Along with the report the high command of the government has also obtained separate lists of corrupt government officials and other staff members. However, those found to be honest, sincere and dedicated in their duties are expected to be assigned to take over responsibilities once the corrupt employees and officials are removed.

“Those found to be honest and sincere in their duties will be rewarded with promotions, while those found to be involved in corruption would be dealt with as per the law,” the official said. According to sources, a section of influential government officials and staff from top to grassroots have been controlling the administration through syndication over the last ten years hatching corruption in all sectors.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced ‘zero tolerance’ policy against corruption, extortion, tender manipulation, drug smuggling and other serious criminal acts. Based on the policy, PAM recently issued letters to the secretaries, divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners and upazila nirbahi officers asking them to follow the instructions sent by the high command.

According to the PAM officials, the secretaries, divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners and upazila nirbahi officers have also been asked to identify officials and employees involved in corruption and prepare a list on them in their respective offices. “The officials have been asked to take immediate action against the corrupt public servants as per the instructions of the high command,” the official said.

No one shall be spared having connection with corrupt practices in office. The high command directives clearly stated this irrespective of the government officials’ position in office. The source also said that project directors responsible for implementing mega-projects would also be held responsible for proven corruption.

It is also alleged that due to corrupt practices progress of some important development projects are delayed needlessly. “The government is in the hard line against such project directors,” the official said, adding “The government is reforming the administration across the country in order to bring efficiency, transparency and accountability in the public administration.”

Corruption has spread in almost all spheres in the public administration heavily denting the progress of the government’s development efforts. As pledged the government is also serious in apprehending the corrupt officials and as such it is using modern technology to monitor those suspected officials. “There are many challenges to overcome in the future to continue the development works. To face such big hurdles, the government needs skilled, bold and more efficient administration,” said the official.