Coronavirus Decorator shops take a toll in Chuadanga

Md Alauddin, Chuadanga

Owners and staffs of decorator shops are suffering financial problems in four upazilas of Chuadanga district over spread of coronavirus recently. 

Business of decorators is about to close for not holding any function and ceremony due to coronavirus spread in Chuadanga district recently. 

On the eve of Eid-ulAzha Eidgah Maidans are decorated. On the other hand each of the Eidgah areas gates are made for creating attraction for  all. But this year making of gates and decoration of Eidgahsare being avoided due to coronavirus, sources added. 

 Saibur Rahman Kazol, President of Boalia-Nehalpur Eidgah Committee told the Bangladesh Post that they would not decorate Eiadgah Maidan and set up gates this year over coronavirus. 

Sources stated that government offices, autonomous bodies, private institutions and common people are not holding programs due to COVID-19 as materials of decoration, use of utensils and furniture have not been rented by them (concerned offices and people) as well as cooks and other staffs are jobless. 

According to unofficial sources, about 350 decorator shops are in four upazilas of the district. Of them 110 decorator shops are in Chuadanga sadar uapzila, 90 in Alamdanga upazla, 80 in Damurhuda upazila and 70 in Jibannagar upazila. 

It is learnt about 2450 workers including cooks were involved in the business. Most of them are fully jobless. Some of them are plying auto rickshaws and working as day labors. 

Richard Rahman, owner of Raj Decorator in Chaudanga town and President of ChudangaZela Sound and Decorator Malik Samitytold this correspondent that he had  shut down his business of decoration two months back over coronavirus. 

He also said that owners of decorator shops requested concerned authorities to take step for them (owners of decorator shops) for running the shops following health rules.  Noor Amin,well known cook and owner of Noourl Amin Decorator at Boro Bazaar in the district town told the Bangladesh Post that he had 30 staffs for his business and could not pay them salary for not having  any orders.  

It may be mentioned here that social functions, marriage ceremonies, birthday celebrations and other functions are stopped to avoid coronavirus infection among people. 

Liton Ali, a cook of Chuadanga said that he is now collecting wastage papers from premises of offices and houses for bearing expenses of his family. 

Chuadanga is now declared as red zone for increasing coronavirus infection. In the meantime Ward Number 4,7,9 of Chuadanga Municipality have been imposed lockdown, same to Darshana Municipality ward No. 7 and some part of Jibannagar municipality.  Most of the people are following the government rules in this regards. District administration, upazila administrations and police are very alert to implement the government rules.

Decorator owners urged the government to allot incentives for them through District and upazila administrations for leading their lives smoothly in the pandemic period.