Coronavirus cases, deaths rising

Bangladesh on Thursday confirmed 3,946 new cases of coronavirus and 39 deaths overnight. With that, the number of total infections stood at 126,606 and the death toll from the pandemic virus rose to 1,621.

Additional Director General for Health Prof Nasima Sultana gave the last 24 hours update in the regular virtual briefing.
Some 1,829 patients have recovered during the time till 8am, increasing the tally to 51,495.

Of the deceased, 32 were men and seven women. Of them, 10 each were from Dhaka and Chattogram, five each from Rajshahi and Khulna, four from Rangpur, three from Mymensingh and two from Barishal.

During the period, 17,999 samples were tested in 66 labs across Bangladesh.
According to the latest data, 40.67 percent of patients have recovered and 1.28 percent died. The infection rate out of the tested samples has been 21.92.

Currently, 63,998 people are quarantined across Bangladesh, including 2,656 newly-quarantined individuals. A total of 285,949 people have completed their quarantine course so far.

The authorities placed 645 new individuals suspected of having Covid-19 into isolation, bringing the total to 13,429 after 9,080 left.

The number of intensive care units (ICUs) and dialysis beds for treating Covid-19 patients has remained the same for the past few weeks, despite a rising number of patients.

Bangladesh has currently 399 ICUs and 112 dialysis beds for managing coronavirus patients.
As many as 13,111,095 hotline health services were given by 16,396 trained and 4,217 volunteer doctors via three designated numbers, including 168,639 in the last 24-hour till 8am of Thursday.

Prof Nasima urged people to abide by health rules to protect themselves from the infection.
She laid emphasis on maintaining three heath directives — wearing a mask, physical distancing and washing hands by soap — to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Referring to the latest health directives of the WHO, she said people must wear masks to protect themselves from infections of coronavirus and mentioned that scientifically cloth-made masks are equally effective to prevent the virus.

“We can reuse cloth-made masks after washing by detergents or soaps,” she said.
To receive Covid19 related information and services, contact numbers are 16263; 333; 10655 and 01944333222.

The virus has killed 485,294 people globally and infected 9,543,157 so far, since its emergence in China’s Wuhan province in December last year.

The WHO declared the disease pandemic on March 11. Bangladesh confirmed the first three cases on March 8 and first death on March 18.