Chinese boon for RMG

Focus on products having competitive edge over China

The Chinese government has extended a hand of friendship to Bangladesh in a way that has never been done before. A solid 97 percent duty-free facility to the importables from Bangladesh has been given. This has created a huge potential for boosting trade with China. This boon is something that is being taken as a great opportunity by the RMG sector.

A report published in this daily showed that there is an array of products which have already been assessed by experts in the sector that can bring in massive returns. Although the number of products given duty-free access is huge, the reality is that most of the items are being made in China and it will be far cry that Bangladesh will be able to compete with Chinese technological prowess and high-grade workmanship which enable them to produce the goods at lower prices.

As the Chinese market is well regulated we have 

to look to quality assurance properly

It falls on us to focus more on the products which are made at home. Jute products is one such side which should be focussed as it will enable a swifter revival of the crawling jute sector of the country as this is a great resource waiting to be tapped into. Leather, fish, crabs and other natural products can also be exported to China in larger quantity to avail the most benefit out of the offer of zero duty from China.

Since the Chinese market is so well regulated we have to look to quality assurance properly. Not only for the Chinese market but also for around the world, we have to strive to achieve better quality in the production chains of the country so that we can continue to develop and become a Sonar Bangla as dreamt by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.