Chattogram Port joins world’s ‘three millionaire’ list

Chattogram sea port has made it to the list of ‘Three millionaire ports’ in the world. Chattogram Port has achieved this glory by handling 3 million containers this year, reports BSS.

There are 60 such ports in the world.

Chattogram Port (CP), the principal port of Bangladesh has achieved this glory by handling over 30 lakh TEU containers this year. There are 60 such seaports across the world.

Earlier, the Chattogram port was ranked at number 64 in the list of the world’s top 100 container handling seaports list by Maritime World’s internationally recognized Lloyds Survey.

Omar Faruk, Secretary of the CP said that the Chattogram port recorded the handling of 20 foot-long (TEU’s) 30 lakh containers. The calculations of container handling recorded from January 01, December 22 last.

“Chattogram seaport has achieved this milestone because of the full cooperation of the government, the addition of modern equipment including new gantry cranes, increased capacity of the authorities, improved management, automation, efficiency of port officers and staff, joint efforts of stakeholders and users, a decade of political stability and raise in the rate of export-import,” he added.

In order to maintain this continuity of growth, there is no alternatives to construct Bay Terminal in addition to the ongoing development project of the port, he added.

‘The highest container handling of the port is at Newmooring Container Terminal (NCT) and Chittagong Container Terminal (CCT)’ the sources added.

The operator of these two terminals are Saif Power Tech Ltd. Ruhul Amin, Managing Director of Saif Power Tech told BSS that the Chattogram Port Authority had reached the milestone of 30 lakh TEUs containers at 8 am on Sunday last. Chattogram port authorities have been confirmed the matter after adding all the container handlings including CCT, NCT, GCB, Kamalapur ICD, Pangaon.

Although there are still three more days left to finish the calendar year. He said that till now, only NCT and CCT have handled more than 17 lakh containers.

The President of the centenary-old Chattogram Chamber of Commerce and Industries Mahbubul Alam told BSS that the CP has been on the list of the three millionaire ports, which is good news for Bangladesh.

We are very happy to keep up with this growth, the works of Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) has to be completed quickly. At the same time, the highest priority should be given for the implementation of Bay Terminal, he added.