Chandpur firefighters unable to count on their own safety

Firefighters of Kachua Fire Service and Civil Defense are at high risk of building collapse as cracks appear on the station building. Several cracks have developed on the walls, barrack, garage, pillar and the ceilings are crumbling, and grills of some windows have bent which is posing great risk to firefighters of the station.

Firefighters are suffering a great deal of stress and passing panicky days due to vulnerable condition of the station building. Though inaugurated in October 2006, the fire station building has become unusable within thirteen years. Local people claimed that low quality construction is responsible for this situation. Md Yasin Prodhan, station officer of Kachua Fire Service, told UNB that the second floor of the building is being used as staff’s barrack. Twenty four members of the fire station continue their job amid extreme risk as the building is in dilapidated condition, he said. In 2017, executive engineer of Public Works Department (PWD) of Chandpur visited the dilapidated station building and assured that steps would be taken immediately to renovate the building. However, no step has yet been taken in this regard, he added. Farid Ahmed, Assistant Deputy Director of Kachua Fire Service and Civil Defense, said they have sent several letters to the higher authorities concerned to make them aware of the condition of the building. Public Works Department (PWD) authorities replied that renovation of the building would start ‘shortly’, Farid added.