Call for creating funds for victims of human trafficking

Civil Society activists called for creating funds for proper rehabilitation of the victims of human trafficking.  

Poverty is a leading cause for human trafficking, which is a national problem in the country, mainly affecting poor women and children. If the victims are deprived of getting the support, they cannot be involved into the mainstream of society, they said.     

They made the remarks while addressing a press conference at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in the capital on Saturday.  

Community Participation and Development (CPD), a consortium member of Prevention of Child Trafficking through Strengthening Community and Networking (PCTSCN), organized the conference on behalf of PCTSCN.

Advocate Md. Rafiqual Islam Khan, programme manager of INCIDIN Bangladesh, Sharifullah Riaz, project coordinator of CPD, Shohan Islam, joint secretary of National Child Task Force (NCTF), Umme Kulsum Tanha, vice president of NCTF, spoke at the press briefing.

National Plan of Action (2018-2022) for combating human trafficking called for creation of the funds for proper rehabilitation of the victims as well as supporting their families.    

The Plan of Action stipulated for compensation of trafficked people and reuniting them with their families along with maximum punishment for the offenders, they said.

The Plan of Action also stipulated for strengthening Counter Trafficking Committees (CTC) across the country for combating the problem.

 Such committees need adequate financial support for its smooth functioning, they added.   

But anti-trafficking activities and rehabilitation of the victims slowed down due to lack of adequate funds, they observed.  

They called on the mass media to raise awareness about the issue.