Burnt ‘Abhijan-10’ launch handed over to owner

Published : 14 Aug 2022 08:25 PM

The launch MB Abhijan-10, which burnt half a hundred people alive in Sugandha river in Jhalkathi, left Jhalkathi on Saturday (August 13) afternoon. The launch plying Dhaka-Barguna route has been handed over to owner Hum Jalal Sheikh.

Following the owner's application to the Bangladesh Naval Court, handover for repairs has been ordered. After the arrest, Assistant Inspector Nazrul Islam of Jhalkathi police station detained the launch on the bank of Sugandha river adjacent to DC Park in the city. 

From there, the heart-wrenching commemorative Abhiyan-10 launch was handed over to the owner. 

However, owner Ham Jalal Sheikh said that Nizam Shipping Dockyard adjacent to Old Ferry station in Dapadapiya under Nalchiti Upazila of Jhalkathi will be repaired and rebuilt.

According to SI Nazrul Islam of Jhalkathi police station, following the owner's application, the naval court ordered the handover of the launch to the owner on July 24. When the copy of the order arrived at the police station on July 26, the owner of the launch came to the Jhalkathi police station on Saturday, August 13. After seeing the related documents, the Police released the launch under the responsibility of the launch owner. 

Incidentally, on the night of December 23 last year, the MB Abhiyan-10 launch that left Dhaka for Barguna caught fire in Sugandha river in Jhalkathi. Instantly, the fire spread throughout the launch, killing many people. 

About a week after the fire accident, it was possible to recover the bodies of 47 people who died after the fire by carrying out a rescue operation in Sugandha-Bishkhali river.

Although the local Red Crescent Society released a list of 51 people missing in the sinking of the launch, with their mobile numbers, the police admitted that 40 people were missing. Later, two cases were filed at Jhalkathi police station in connection with the fire