Bubly’s upcoming ‘Revenge’!

Popular actress Shabnom Bubly has acted in 11 films in a row with Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhallywood cinema. Then suddenly she is found opposite the new hero. She acted opposite Nirob in 'Casino' and 'Chokh’. However, Ziaul Roshan was also in 'Chokh'.

This time Bubly is coming again with this hero in her upcoming movie titled 'Revenge'. It will be directed by producer Md Iqbal. He has officially announced this on yesterday evening.

Regarding this movie Iqbal said, 'I am coming as a director after producing nine films, will try to give my best as well. For this reason, I took a lot of time to choose the heroine. My contract with Bubly has already been completed.

This producer is directing three films. These are 'Fighter', 'Revenge' and 'Gulshan er Chamel’. In all of which the hero is Roshan.

"It's an action-packed film," he said. As a result, besides Roshan, Bubly will also have to act in the fight scene, which she has already started practicing. It is known that Anurag Traders is producing the new films.