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Broiler chicken price goes up, egg down

Published : 31 Mar 2023 10:52 PM

The broiler chicken was selling at a slightly higher price of Tk220-230, up from the recent price of Tk200- 210 a kilo in the kitchen markets of Dhaka city.

After a recent meeting with broiler suppliers and the Director General of Directorate of National Consumers Right Protection (DNCRP) on March 23, its price was lowered to Tk200 per kg from Tk 260-270 per kg.

The retailers said the price of broiler chicken has increased at wholesale and middlemen level, which impacted on retail prices.

The Sonali (cock) was selling at Tk 350-360 per kg, while Pakistani Sonali chicken below 1 kg weight was sold at Tk 330-340 per kg on Friday in Dhaka.

Layer (mother) broiler chicken price was also stable at Tk 330-340 per kg, while the domestic rearing (indigenous) chicken was sold at Tk 580 to Tk640 per kg.

Egg price decreased slightly and it was selling at Tk 130 per dozen on Friday.

Beef was selling at Tk750 to 800 per kg based on quality in the city’s kitchen market on Friday while mutton was selling at Tk1000-1100 per kg.

prices were also stable at higher prices but the presence of customers in the fish was thin on Friday compared to other times.

This correspondent found this scenery of chicken items visiting different areas including Karwan Bazar, Khilgaon, Malibag, Shantinagar, Rampura, Basabo and Fakirapol of Dhaka City.

The prices of different types of vegetable and fruits items are still stable at higher prices.

RatanHawlader, a vegetable trader of Karwan Bazar told UNB that the price of vegetables is slightly higher as the production of all kinds of vegetables has fallen in this season.

With the arrival of new vegetables, the price will fall gradually, but not below Tk 40 per due to higher transportation and production cost, he said.