Booming business of adulterated honey in Khulna

Published : 03 Oct 2023 08:50 PM

A section of unscrupulous traders are luring customers by using various adjectives like 'Authentic Sundarban Honey', 'Original forest honey', 'Khulna Madhu Ghar'. The fraudsters are making and selling adulterated honey prepared with alum and sugar in the name of pure honey. People from the neighboring areas of Sundarbans are involved in adulterated honey making in small factories in different parts of Khulna city. By putting an amazing label on the bottle, it easily grabs the attention of the customers.

Recently, the detective police seized adulterated honey at Khalishpur police station in the city. About 650 kg of adulterated honey was recovered in two days. Besides, three people were arrested with the equipment of selling adulterated honey. Two of them live in Shyamnagar area of Satkhira district adjacent to Sundarbans. Adulterated honey was being manufactured efficiently and sold in market without any obstruction and permission of BSTI. It is known that on September 12, about 600 liters of adulterated honey was seized from a factory called 'Khulna Madhu Ghar' in North Kashipur area under Khalishpur police station.

At that time, the owner of the shop, the Muazzin of the local mosque, Abdullah Al Mamun, was arrested. He was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment and fined 25,000 taka. Meanwhile, there are many questions about the activities of BSTI in determining the quality of honey in the city. There are allegations that BSTI does not conduct enough drives. Recently, the sale of honey has increased in small shops in different alleys of the city.

Also online honey business has become got momentum. Due to the various benefits of honey, the business of honey currently runs throughout the year. Since this business can be done with little capital, many entrepreneurs have started honey business. 

Talking to several honey buyers, it is known that selling honey through online is quite popular. We buy honey on the basis of complete trust. Besides, the stores where honey is available are all more or less familiar faces. It is hard to believe that someone would consciously give adulterated honey. 

Deputy Director of Khulna Divisional Office of BSTI Alauddin Hussain told Jugantar, "Our campaign against adulterated honey is continuing.”

“We are conducting regular raids. Basically selling pure honey does not require promotion. Those who use such epithets as 'pure honey of the Sundarbans' are dubious.” 

He suggested to be careful while buying honey online and checking the honey from BSTI before buying it, if necessary, he added.