Bomb-like object disabled in Meherpur

Bomb disposal team of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of police disabled a bomb-like object in Meherpur on Saturday morning. Police Superintendent Murad Ali said this at a press briefing at conference room of his office.

The SP said, “I visited the spot with the additional superintendent of police and other Senior officers on Thursday morning around 11.30 am on the news of a suspected polythene bag lying outside the wall in front of the Meherpur Public Health Engineer's Office. There was written in English at a polythene bag and electric wires, batteries, circuits, and three bomb like object  were assembled with red tape in the beg.In a letter was incluied in the bag and  "(careful) (bomb), read the letter" was written in bengle on the top of the letter. Inside the letter, various threatening words were written, and demanded they are the militant group al-Qaeda.

He also said, since the letter contained the name of the militant organization with threats, we immediately contacted the Anti-Terrorism Unit and the Counter Terrorism Unit. The teams were arrived at Meherpur on Friday night. But the object could not be deactivated at night, so Bomb disposal team of the Counter Terrorism Unit disarmed the object, led by police inspector Kausar, on Saturday morning.

He said, After the inactivation, It was seen that, the object was filled by sand with three white plastic tube with red tape. According to the bomb expert team, it was not an explosive. Superintendent of Police said, Al-Qaeda does not exist in Bangladesh, Some have done this to cause panic in public. The Anti-Terrorism Unit has been informed about the matter. Our local police, including our intelligence agencies, are investigating the matter with utmost importance.