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BNP Facebook post incites violence

Published : 12 Sep 2022 10:12 PM

A video clip capturing moments of BNP led protesters throwing brick chips at law enforcers and Awami League activists angered netizens over the intent of spreading such videos.

Shared from BNP’s verified Facebook page, the video posted last night drew angry responses with some even commenting “violence the only resort BNP seeks to unleash to come to power”. 

“In face of retaliation from our leaders and activists, Awami League supporters have fled”, reads the caption, shared aggressively apparently by BNP Jamaat supporters. 

Many questioned about the moral compass of the party as they see this move to spread such video of violence on social media as nothing less than “instigation” and a strong pointer to the party’s “motive to grab power through violence”. 

However, pro BNP supporters have been found commending this post with their comments with some even commenting to emulate this form of violence, urging others to take a cue from it. 

“Bravo we are soldiers of Gen Zia”, “Let’s attack Awami League and Police in the name of our leader Tarique Rahman”, reads some comments under the post from BNP’s page.

 In reference to an earlier reference on the party’s volunteer wing secretary calling for a “repeat of 1975”, one user commented “nothing more can be expected from the party”. 

 “Founded by the country’s first military dictator Gen Ziaur Rahman, BNP with its ally Jamaat first ensured indemnity for the killers of Bangabandhu.”

 Awami League from its verified page posted a video exposing the ploy of the BNP, calling it new form of ‘BNP’s cyber terrorism’.

 In reference to the worst bout of violence the country witnessed after BNP and Jamaat boycotted the election in 2013, some commented “It’s clear that BNP Jamaat are up for violence this time also as the party announced to foil  the polls”. 

Calling the party as anti Bangladesh, one wrote “under its founder Gen Ziaur the country witnessed at least 19 coups while under Tarique, the party is on an overdrive to topple this government “. 

 “Like father like son”, one commented, linking the anti state policies pursued by Gen Zia, later his wife Begum Zia and now under Tarique Rahman. 

 Pointing to the reign of terror unleashed in the last tenure of BNP Jamaat back in 2001 and 2006, one wrote “from series bomb attacks, to targeted killing of progressive thinkers, writers, journalists and also progressive politicians with copious media reports detailing involvement of Tarique and his handpicked junior home minister notoriously known as crime to crown Lutfuzzaman Babar, now serving in jail for his crimes”. 

 Some even said “Tarique should not return to the country”.