Bangladesh protests Myanmar’s new trick

Myanmar must be pressurised internationally to create opportunity for repatriation

The long time crisis of over a million Rohingyas has been pushed back time and again by the government of Myanmar. Myanmar repeatedly tried to stick to its stand on not taking back the displaced Rohingya refugees from the lands of Bangladesh. 

In continuation of their fiendish policy, they have once again made a vain attempt to provoke Bangladesh only to divert the international attention with a view to making the crisis protracted. 

Recently, the Myanmar army have increased their movements along the Bangladesh border. This is a clear action of provocation on the part of Myanmar. we cannot but reprove this action as it is a belligerent step without the notion of any sort of contrition on their part.

At the same time, a report published in this daily shows that Bangladesh government hasn’t taken any initiative to counter their increased troop presence on the border. We laud this initiative as it would act in showing the pacifism and the idea of peace.

The international community must come forward to condemn 

such an act and put continuous pressure to thwart the aggressive 

show of force by the Myanmar  government

But this suspicious action by the government of Myanmar cannot be put up with without strong protest. This must be addressed properly. The international community must come forward to condemn such an act and put continuous pressure to thwart the aggressive show of force by the Myanmar government.

The report also elucidated that Foreign Ministry responded to the suspicious movement of troops by summoning the Ambassador Aung Kyaw Moe and lodging strong protest. Bangladesh wants Myanmar stop suspicious movement of troops along the borders. We are yet to see what this will actually result in.

Despite all this going on along the borders, there is yet any concrete action being taken by the government of Myanmar to repatriate the displaced Rohingyas. After repeated violation of the international law in Myanmar, the UNSC members have held Myanmar accountable, yet there is nothing from the Myanmar side to hint that they are really serious about the return of the Rohingyas. 

Above all, sufficient efforts must be made by the international community to once again create scope for discourse that would actually prove beneficial to expedite the repatriation. Also, dialogue must continue with the government of Myanmar to discourage them from carrying out any act hindering the repatriation against the back drop of existing Rohingya crisis.